About this project

These people have helped me create and launch this project in some fashion:

What makes me so special?

Nothing! And that’s what makes this project awesome!

I have zero experience in design or graphics.

My “professional training” is in one of the least creative fields out there.

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering (where all we are taught is calculations and standards that have to be followed).

That’s what made me want to become a designer.

There are no boundaries or rules you have to follow.

Yes there may be “better” practices, but I love seeing fields accept and embrace new ways.

NOTE: I am not a self-proclaimed “expert” nor do I think I’m good. I am actually unskilled (apparently that’s an antonym for expert).

I made this to help people like you.

I want to give you the confidence to design and share your work even if you are have no “skills”, talents or experience.

When I "officially" launch I plan on creating tutorial videos and eventually livestreams- all will be on My YouTube channel (feel free to subscribe)

Stay cool my friends :)